Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

Knife Industry

Since i got ill (Lyme Disease) I got time for my knife hobby and so it all started. My healing process went hand in hand with the expansion of my work for WE Knife Company and some promotional work for other knife companies as well. So being ill gave me opportunities to develop in a direction that I had never imagined.

Besides being involved with WE Knife Company I have done different kind of things like consultancy, marketing, projects, advertising and so on for smaller companies like manufacturers, designers, distributors and resellers.  I like to help the small knife companies to get a kick start. More competition is vital for the industry.

And I am involved in other initiatives as well. Soon I hope to post the founding of an European  Knife Association for educating people about laws and legislations, starting a lobby to defend our rights in buying, owning and carrying knives as tools.