Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024


This section i will use to share my collection with you. Remember, my collection is not static. It will change and evolve during time. Some periods faster and sometimes slowly but steadily. How come a collections changes? At least, my collection, but i see it all the time with other collectors as well.

Well taste evolves. When i started collecting, i did not have a lot of money available. I always had to sell a knife before i could buy another knife. So i started with very affordable knives; always production knives. Brands like Böker, Muela, Buck, Victorinox, SOG, Kershaw, CRKT and so on. Later on also Chinese manufacturers came along and ended up in my collection. All without theme and really all different kinds of knives. All with one common property: I liked the design and the quality was there.

Time passing my taste evolved towards gems from the past; so more vintage designs, but still production. And then i really became interested in limited production runs of very special designs and first production runs. Later on it evolved towards high end production knives and i started to develop a taste for materials as Micarta, Carbon Fiber, Titanium. And more tactical and extravagant designs.

During this time I always imagined there would be no room for handmade/custom knives. But, you can imagine what happened, I really fell in love with a handmade/custom knife. And then, after saving money and selling production knives (how hard!) i bought me a second, and a third, and ….

Right now i collect still very different kind of knives. Mainly folding knives. I like customs but also high end production and i really love vintage designs. A broad taste for knives so to say.Brian Nadeau,  Gudy van Poppel, Jake Hoback, André Thorburn, Martin Annegarn to name a few custom makers. Benchmade, Reate, WE Knife, CRK, Liong Mah, to name a few manufacturers. Queen, Schrade, Buck, Beretta, Browning to name a couple of manufacturers with awesome traditional/vintage knives. You can find a large selection of my collection under the menu Knives with different sections. Remember, probably never i will publish my entire collection on this website because there are too many and too much work involved.