Tue. Apr 9th, 2024

Bladestock Brothers

Being ill and a lot of time available, i really digged deep into the knife collecting hobby. Buying, trading, selling. And because of this, I met a lot of people. All great people. And some of them became close friends. We enjoyed coming together. I enjoyed introducing them together. And so I got the idea to organise monthly buddy meetings in my living room. I recorded some of these meetings and uploaded them to my Youtube channel (Knifecollector031) and soon my living room was too small for the people who wanted to join. So we had to find a place affordable to continue our meetings. We found a great clubhouse in Zwolle The Netherlands. Because of financial obligations we started an official club: Bladestock Brothers was born.

We still have our monthly meetings. We have a group of official members. Now (september 2019) we have 24 official members. But we also get non member visitors each meeting. And since september 2018 we are also hosting the Dutch Messendag (knife event) organised by our buddy Ben (Belt Knives).

If you are curious, you are welcome as one time introduction. Then you decide if you want to become member or continue to join our meetings as visitor. Follow the offical Instagram account @bladestockbrothers (maintained by buddy Mark/DutchKnifeGuy) to stay informed.

2019 Dates: June 2nd, September 22nd, October 27nd, November 24th & December 15th.

Adres: Domusica, Radeweinstraat, Zwolle, The Netherlands

See below for one of the buddymeetings recordings…enjoy…