Sun. May 19th, 2024

Collectors Items

In this section, very arbitrary, I will post collectibles in my opnion. Modern as well as vintage knives. Production as well as handmade/custom knives. All are for me collectables. And just a couple of my collection. It is impossible for me to publish all. Just too many in my drawers and cupboards 🙂 For me they are collectable because of the value for the industry, innovative, or just rare. Lots of reasons to call a knife collectable.

Very controversial to start with a Chinese clone, the Sanrenmu 710. But this is a limited to 200 pieces collectorsbox to honour the 5 year milestone being available in Germany


MSI Fighting knife as representative for all fighting/tactical knives manufactured and the evolution of the fighting knife, serving our soldiers/veterans.


With the WE 601 it started!


As representative for CR Knives, the Umnumzaan. Actually I should replace this pic with a Sebenza pic but I like the Umnumzaan more.


Applegate-Fairbarne designed Gerber Combat folder. Just because 🙂


Reate Hills and Horizon, both customised for Bladeshow 2015 with a spiderweb anodisation. From both only 2 or 3 exist. FOr me collectable.


The limited custom 039x production series of ZT

More to come…..Probably i will remove and add pictures randomly.