Sun. May 19th, 2024

Knives for Sale

This should be the “knives for sale” page… I own a lot…but I think it is hard to sell some of them. I should.. my collection is far too big …

Just take a look at my blog for knives for sale…chose the category “For Sale” on the blog and you should see a couple for sale items.

The submenu “Tamahagane Knives & Swords” is dedicated to knives made of this steel by Master Chen from China, smelting his own steel following an ancient tradition and procedure. Tamahagame steel is know as a steel for the best swords and knives.

When you buy from me, you buy with confidence. I buy, sell and trade a lot for many years internationally. On forums, social media and during meetings. I cannot afford to act unfairly because I have a reputation to lose.

When you are interested in a knife for sale, just make use of the contactform on the page/posting. I can send some additional pictures when required and additional info as well. And we can discus payment.

Payment when buying from me:

  • Paypal is an option. Family & Friends only because I don’t want to be scammed by someone who claims never having received my package
  • Credit card is an option when you have email. I send you a payment request through Paypal. You don’t need paypal yourself. You can use Paypal to pay as Guest with your credit card. However, you need an emailaddress.
  • Banktransfer: this might cost you when doing an international transfer. Between European Union countries not a problem I think.
  • TransferWise: This is an very attractive alternative option. In case you never heard of it, time to explore it. It is like a bankaccount but you save a lot of money on cost especially when you transfer in different currencies, international and so on. Very affordable. Cost less then Paypal. If you want to try it (cost you nothing!) follow this link. Within a few minutes you have setup an account.