Thu. Jul 11th, 2024

Recently I had the opportunity to acquire a nice design from the previous decade, the Seki Cut produced collaboration between Bob Lum (RIP) and (now retired) Haruo Suetake. Both logo’s are engraved in the blade. Immediately recongnizable as Bob Lum design. Produced with the Japanese craftsmanship what Seki City is famous for. The Encounter (what this design is called) was produced in 6 variations in terms of blade & grip material. This one is the SC-105 which was done with black Micarta & D2 steel for the blade. There is also a sc-105 done with Damascus steel. All variations were produced before 2006. There were also 2 fixed blade varieties produced.  I am very happy I got one. And now my collectors blood wants a damascus variety.

Bob Lum design, produced in collaboration with Haruo Suetake by Seki Cut early 2000’s

The Seki Cut project was in fact a collaboration on its own. A couple of Japanese master bladesmiths joined forces and founded this succesfull project. The Encounter was the best selling productline in the Seki Cut factory.

By henkh