Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

Benchmade is one of my biasses for a long time now. I can not explain why. Benchmade knives are not always made as good as you migh expect based on price. Actually, getting a Benchmade with perfect fit & finish and symetrical cutting edge is quite an happening. But still, I love them. They have a soul & character. And of course, the axis lock is a great locking mechanism. For safety, but also for playfull opening and closing.

Benchmade has a history in doing collaborations ans working on a long term with designers. Though they also have a very good inhouse designteam.

Famous designs are for example from Bob Lum (RIP), Mel Pardue, Warren Osborne (RIP), Shane Sibert, McHenry & Williams, Butch Ball, Mike Snody just to mention a couple and many others. Maybe Osborne was the most famous.

Personally I love the Bob Lum and Warren Osborne designs the most.

I hope you enjoy some pictures of a couple of my collection. These will be on this blog in individual postings in the upcoming weeks. Some maybe for sale. Some will definitely not become available for sale…remember me mentioning my difficulties being in a transition of production towards handmade/custom. Some productions it will be very difficult to part from.

And I got a few as a gift. They will never leave me. If you have questions or want to make me an offer, just feel free to contact me with the contactform which can be found on some pages.

By henkh