Mon. May 20th, 2024

The Zero Tolerance is a Ken Onion design for, …., Zero Tolerance (KAI USA). It was a beast with a high demand and ZT sold quite some numbers. Different varieties, like 300,302, 303. All with a different coating/coloration and speedsafe assisted opening. And of course famous because of Gibbs….

I have 2 available. From different production runs. The difference is mainly the (lack of) steel insert and the standard position of the pocket clip (which can be repositioned!). A slightly difference i coloration is noticable when you look carefully. BTW The steel insert makes not any difference in deployment or lockup.

Sample with steel insert is SOLD!

Both like new, with original box, never carried or used. Hard to find.

I am asking € 350,- for the 0301 without steel insert.

By henkh