Wed. Jul 10th, 2024

Tamahagane Utility Knife by Zubeng Forge (Master Rich Chen) ….

Recently I had the opportunity to buy 5 of these awesome little fixed blades. My friend Sam, of defcon-usa, always brings, besides his Proelia and Defcon regular models, something special to shows where he exhibits.

The knives are handforged with hamon from tamahagane steel, which is made by an old Japanse blacksmithing process. by Master Chen.

Within a couple of hours I could have sold all within our knifegroup. I kept 2 for myself; one with kydex sheet and one with leather sheet. Awesome little edc or kitchen knives. When you have an opportunity, grab one. Only limited available.

Recently Master Chen changed the logo used on his work. Hence the 2 different logo’s on both.

See also the dedicated Tahamagane page where you get a good explanation and where you might be able to buy a knife made by Master Chen if available…

By henkh