Wed. Jul 10th, 2024

I got this one I think 2 years ago. The moment it came in, I knew I wanted to get rid of it again. I was looking for an all black Tilt for over 3 years and then I found this one. But not an all black one. So it didn’t do it for me. I never carried or used it. The previous owner however carried and used it a few times. Hence some markings/superficial wear marks.

The Tilt is a real collectorsitem. Only produced in a limited run of 200pcs for both varieties. The first folding knife with 2 steels and Vanadis for the edge, which is a super steel.

Overall the Tilt is in a good condition. The previous owner did carry it a couple of times and did some sharpening. But it still looks great. Not in mint/pristie condition but as good as new, except the sharpened edge could be done better and a few superficial scratches on the blade. If you want the Tilt, I can let it sharpen professionaly for the buyer if he/she wants it to be a clean edge. If you are skilled, sharpening a real nice edge is not difficult on the Tilt because of the straight edge. Very simple in fact.

I payed 500 british pound for it plus shipping. Looking to get € 500,- for it.

See pictures and embedded video.

Watch from 5:04 to see this Tilt

By henkh